Welcome to PJHood’s Company

PJHoodsCo is an Information Technology Service Provider (ITSP) that provides a wide range of IT services throughout the world. With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry we can help you with all of your technology needs whether you are an individual looking for someone to help you with your computer, smart devices, & electronics or a business looking for someone to design, deploy, & maintain your network server infrastructure. Regardless of what you need we have you covered! To view all of the IT services that we currently provide please visit our IT services page.

Our company is primarily focused on helping others and giving back to our community. In addition to our charitable contributions we also do various nonprofit work. To see all of the nonprofit work that we provide please visit our charitable endeavors page.

PJHoodsCo is not the average IT service provider. We also provide services in other industries as well. For a list of all the services we provide and industries that we are associated with please visit our services page. Our newest subsidiary company works on, restores, and sells classic vehicles. We’ll have more information to come as our new subsidiary company launches next year.